Pea Albumin 1, subunit b (PA1b), a promising bioinsecticide of plant origin

PA1b (Pea Albumin 1, subunit b) is a peptide extracted from pea seeds showing significant insecticidal activity against certain insects, such as cereal weevils (genus Sitophilus), the mosquitoes Culex pipiens and Aedes aegyptii, and certain species of aphids. PA1b has great potential for use on an industrial scale and for use in organic farming: it is extended from a common plant; it is a peptide (and therefore suitable for transgenic applications); it can withstand many steps of extraction and purification without losing its activity; and it is present in a seed regularly consumed by humans and mammals without any known toxicity or allergenicity. The potential of this peptide to limit pest damage has stimulated research concerning its host range, its mechanism of action, its three-dimensional structure, the natural diversity of PA1b and its structure-function relationships.

Authors: Gressent, Frederic; Da Silva, Pedro; Eyraud, Vanessa; Karaki, Lamis; Royer, Corinne ;Full Source: Biologie Fonctionnelle Insectes et Interactions,Universite de Lyon, Villeurbanne F-69621 (France). ;