Poisonings in Poland reported to the Polish National Health Fund in the years 2009-2011

Poisonings constitute a significant medical, social and economic problem worldwide. In Poland there is no nationwide registry of poisonings, which results in a lack of accurate epidemiological data. Few publications dealing with the problem are based on data obtained from toxicology units and therefore do not include information about cases treated at emergency departments and other non-toxicology units. The authors analysed all admissions due to poisonings reported to the Polish National Health Fund by all hospital units in Poland in the 2009-2011 period. Diagnoses were encoded according to the ICD-10 classification. A total of 254,425 admissions were reported, 85,398 in 2009, 85,230 in 2010 and 83,797 in 2011. The male to female ratios were 1.88, 1.75 and 1.80 respectively. The most frequent causes of admissions were poisonings with ethanol (n?=?121,874; 47.9%), carbon monoxide (n?=?17,179; 6.8%) and benzodiazepines (n?=?10,340; 4.1%). Alcohols were the reason for 104,680 admissions in men (63.2%) and 22,612 admissions in women (25.5%; p?

Authors: ?widerska A, Wi?niewski M, Wiergowski M, Krakowiak A, Sein Anand J. ; Full Source: BMC Pharmacology & Toxicology. 2018 Oct 10;19(1):62. doi: 10.1186/s40360-018-0254-x.