Pollution and occupational protection of diesel particulate matter in underground space


To address the diesel particulate matter pollution problem at the 12,306 continuous mining face of Shangwan coal mine, the spatial and temporal evolution law of diesel particulate matter generated at the three locations of the shuttle car head tunnel, contact alley, and support tunnel under the pressure-in ventilation condition of the double lane of the continuous mining face was studied by numerical simulation. The results show that the highest diesel particulate matter concentration at the shuttle car discharge is about 144.17 mg/m3, which seriously affects the health of miners. The highest diesel particulate matter concentration at the shuttle car tunnel is 52.58 mg/m3, and at the contact alley, the diesel particulate matter diffusion space is limited by the compression of the space inside the contact alley by the shuttle car machine body and the alley wall, which makes the diesel particulate matter accumulate here, forming a high diesel particulate matter concentration distribution area with a concentration value of 112.75 mg/m3. When supporting the roadway at the shuttle, diesel particulate matter accumulates in the range of X = 55 m ~ 60 m, Y = 0 m ~ 4 m, and Z = 23.4 m ~ 29.4 m. According to the degree of DPM pollution in different areas, different individual protective equipment is used to obtain different levels of pollution protection.

Authors: Yang Yang, Gang Zhou, Bingyou Jiang, Qi Wang, Yating Hu, Biao Sun
; Full Source: Environmental science and pollution research international 2023 Jan 28. doi: 10.1007/s11356-023-25386-x.