Prediction of the toxic and harmful gas along the Sichuan-Tibet Railway

The geology setting of Sichuan-Tibet Railway is complicated, while magmatic and metamorphic rocks are widely distributed. Reference to the other engineering experience of underground works under similar geology conditions at home and abroad, the analysis shows that it exists the hazardous possibility that the inorganic gas are toxic and harmful in the tunnels of Sichuan-Tibet Railway. Combining the conditions that inorganic gas produced and the geology conditions along the Sichuan-Tibet Railway, it analyses and predicates that CH4, CO2, H2S, SO2, CO, NO2, NH3 and H2 are the main types of poisonous gas along the Sichuan-Tibet Railway. The poisonous gas is mainly distributed in the three suture zones, three crustal fault zones and more than three basement fault zones and mafic and ultrabasic rock zone, granites zone, volcanic zone and contact metamorphic zone. All these zones are the favourable migration point to area and gathering area to the toxic and harmful gas. It should be highly mentioned on the construction of the tunnels.

Author: Su, Peidong. ;Full Source: Applied Mechanics and Materials 2011, 90-93(Pt. 3, Advances in Civil Engineering), 2025-2032 (China). ;