Preparation of TiO2-ACF material for removing indoor low-concentration formaldehyde

The preparation comprises of adding tetra-Bu titanate in ethanol to obtain solution A; stirring and adding water, acetic acid, acetylacetone and FeCl3.6H2O in ethanol to obtain solution. B; stirring, dropping solution B in solution A to obtain transparent titania solution (includes standing, adding activated carbon, immersing, centrifuging, drying, constant temperature treating at 440-460°C in a Muffle furnace, and cooling.) The invention has the advantages of simple preparation, safe operation, and low cost. The TiO2-ACF material has good removal effect of low-concentration formaldehyde, can be reused and has wide application range.

Authors: Wu, Qilin; Zang, Peng; Li, Liwei; Han, Hao; Quan, Haiyu; Qin, Wenzhen ;Full Source: Faming Zhuanli Shenqing CN 102,266,762 (Cl. B01J21/18), 7 Dec 2011, Appl. 10,123,049, 12 May 2011; 8pp. (Ch) ;