Process of biooxidation of industrial wastes

A process of biooxidation of industrial wastes originated from various areas consists of the following stages: transportation of the wastes to be processed to the station of waste biooxidation, where they are discharged at the appropriate area with the machinery for their pretreatment and additionally of an alkalinising agent; addition of nutrients with the purpose of balancing the mixture so that the latter is a medium conducive to the development of microorganisms, i.e. nitrogen sources (NH4NO3, KNO3, etc.), multiple carbon sources; addition of a structuring agent, i.e. an important mixture component essential for aeration, thus for turning the structure into a porous one; pretreatment of the wastes, where through the alkaline agent the strain of microorganisms resistant to moisture and toxicity of the wastes being manipulated is separated, and the process of sterilising the pathogens starts in parallel; mixing, which consists in optimising the quantities and type of the nutrients and structuring agent in laboratory and pilot testing.

Authors: Moretti, Jose Carlos; Moretti, Bruno Jose ;Full Source: Braz. Pedido PI BR 2010001989 A2 19 Jul 2011, 23pp. (Portuguese) ;