Proteomic study of human bronchial epithelial cells exposed to SiC nanoparticles

The presented work proposes an optimised methodology for the study of cell exposure to nanomaterials at protein level. The study was investigated on proteins extracted from human bronchial epithelial cells exposed and nonexposed to silicon carbide nanoparticles (SiC). The analysis strategy was based on high resolution measurement using Fourier transform mass spectrometer 9.4 T. The methodology proposed succeeds in identifying over 300 proteins; most of the identified proteins are present in both exposed and non exposed cells to SiC nanoparticles. More interestingly, cytokines as Macrophage migration inhibitory factor protein could be identified only in the cells exposed to SiC nanoparticles indicating cell inflammatory response.

Authors: Tokarski, Caroline; Hirano, Seishiro; Rolando, Christian ;Full Source: Journal of Physics: Conference Series [online computer file] 2011, 304, 012088/1-012088/5 (Eng) ;