Relationship between villus BaP-DNA adducts level and blighted ovum in early pregnancy

The objective of this paper was to investigate relations between villus Benzo (a) pyrene (BaP)-DNA adducts and blighted ovum in early pregnancy, and to explore possible environmental factors influencing embryo development. 102 pregnant women with blighted ovum were selected into this study as research group; and 102 normal pregnant women were taken as control group; the age, gravidity, parity and gestational weeks of the two groups were matched. After artificial abortion, villi of the patients were collected and washed by normal saline. Then, the tissue was homogenated and genome DNA was extended to detect quantity of the tissue. BaP-DNA adducts levels were examined by high-performance liquid chromatography-fluorescence method. The personal information of pregnant women was collected by questionnaire. Logistic regression model was used to investigate the association between BaP-DNA adducts and blighted ovum. It concluded that high level of villi BaP-DNA adducts might increase the risk of blighted ovum in early pregnancy, and could have an adverse effect embryo development.

Authors: Hou, Hai-yan; Yang, Zhen-hua; Zou, Xiao-ping; Chen, Ya-qiong ;Full Source: Zhonghua Weichan Yixue Zazhi 2011, 14(8), 459-462 (China) ;