Retrospective analysis of blood lead level of children in Zhuiji in 2009

This study investigated the blood levels of lead in children by atomic absorption spectrometry. The children were divided according to age, sex and locale. The average value of blood level was 48.63 íg/L. The blood level of 198 children was g100 íg/L. The poisoning rate was the lowest in children who were less than 3 years old. There was no significant difference in blood level of lead and poisoning rate between 4-6 years old group and >6 group. The blood level of lead was higher in outside group than in local group. The author concluded that based on the findings from the present study, the blood level of lead in children is related with age.

Author: Wang, Li ;Full Source: Jianyan Yixue 2011, 26(5), 346-348 (Ch) ;