Risk-based assessment of multimetallic soil pollution in the industrialised peri-urban area of Huelva, Spain

The peri-urban soils of Huelva, one of the first industrial cities in Spain, are subject to severe pollution problems primarily due to past poor management of industrial wastes and effluents. In this study, soil cores were collected in seven sites potentially contaminated with toxic chemicals arising from multiple anthropogenic sources, in order to identify trace elements of concern and to assess human health risks associated with them. The results of the human health risk-based assessment for the hypothetical exposure of an industrial worker to the surface soils indicate that, in four of the seven sites monitored, cancer risk due to As (up to 4.4 x 10-5) is slightly above the target health risk limit adopted by the Spanish legislation (1 x 10-5). The cumulative non-carcinogenic hazard index ranged from 2.0 to 12.2 indicating that there is also a concern for chronic toxic effects from dermal contact with soil.

Author: Fernandez-Caliani, J. C. ;Full Resource: Environmental Geochemistry and Health 2012, 34(1), 123-139 (England) ;