Safety assessment on productive process in furfural factory

(Amsterdam, Netherlands) 2011, 390(20), 3524-3540 (Eng) In the present study, the authors undertook a safety assessment of hazardous and harmful factors found in the furfural factories processÂ’, with the aim of preventing accidents. In the course of the furfural production, there are many risk factors as follow: fire, explosion, poisoning, noise and so on, which would easily result in a large quantity of casualties and property losses. According to practical conditions of the furfural factory and the basic procedures of safety evaluation, two methods including the major hazard identification and fault tree analysis were applied to identify kinds of hazardous and harmful factors. The results showed that furfural factory has explosion hazard about overpressure for boilers, some effective measures of prevention could be timely adopted and some reasonable suggestions about safety improvement were raised with aims by using the method of fault tree analysis, and then the security of furfural factory could be further improved. The authors concluded that the results of the evaluation allow the furfural factory to make decisions based on security and reduce safety loopholes.

Authors: Zhu, Shao-yong; Cao, Xiong; Liu, Lei; Xue, Zhongqing; ;