Short term effect of chromium and an antidote on the immune response of rabbit (Oryctolagus cunniculus)

This study revealed that Chromium, which is a non-essential element in the diet, possesses carcinogenic effects. Since Cr6+ is more toxic than naturally occurring Cr3+, potassium chromate was selected for this study. The short-term immunological effects of injecting potassium chromate, human A antigen, and trinity root extract singly and in different combinations in rabbits (Oryctolagus cunniculus) were examined and compared with normal controls. Hemagglutination profiles and total and differential white blood cell counts fluctuated in all groups of animals. Results also proved the immune-boosting action of trinity root.

Author: Sultana, D. Mubeen; Dawood, Nausheen ;Full Source: Pollution Research 2011, 30(2), 261-266 (Eng) ;