Spray dedusting system with high dedusting efficiency and high safety

A spray-type dedusting system comprised of: a flue dust collector; a de-dusting tower; and a precipitation tank. The flue dust collector has flue dust collection hoods, a flue dust collection channel, and a de-dusting induced draft fan. The de-dusting tower, divided into multiple de-dusting chambers, has circulating water pumps. The precipitation tank has a pump, an automatic pressure filter, a water inlet, and a treated water pump. This spray de-dusting system has high de-dusting efficiency, high safety and reliability, and generates no secondary pollution.

Author: Hu, Xuejiang ;Full Source: Faming Zhuanli Shenqing CN 102,274,668 (Cl. B01D47/12), 14 Dec 2011, Appl. 10,216,845, 28 Jul 2011; 5pp. (Ch) ;