Survey on occupational health status in workers chronically exposed to arsenic trioxide

In this study, the authors investigated age, occupational history and personal protection data of 14 workers chronically exposed to arsenic trioxide. The authors used a field survey and questionnaire to collect data. Arsenic concentration of 14 urine samples all exceeded the normal level, while arsenic concentration of 13 blood samples did not exceed the normal level. The authors concluded that arsenic trioxide exposure could induce skin pigmentation, depigmentation, hyperkeratosis and eczematous allergic dermatitis. Furthermore, it could also induce heart injury.

Authors: Miao, Meirong; Ge, Xianmin; Li, Xiaoping; Wei, Shujiao; Su, Suhua; Nong, Kang; Huang, Jiale ;Full Source: Zhongguo Gongye Yixue Zazhi 2012, 25(1), 54-55 (Chinese) ;