Survey on occupational risks of working places in 150 focal enterprises of monitoring in Kunshan city during 2010

During the present study, the authors analysed the results from occupational risk monitoring in workplaces of 150 enterprises in Kunshan city during 2010. The 150 enterprises were mainly distributed in industries like electronics, building materials and machinery. The main occupational risks in these workplaces were benzenes, Et acetate, DMF, n-hexane, dust and noise. The qualified rates of the industries were as follows: electronics 92.16%, leather 94.59% and machinery 59.46%, while those of the risks were as follows: benzene 100%, toluene 87.5%, xylene 94.97%, Et acetate 88.89%, DMF 92.59%, n-hexane 100%, other dusts 88.16%, silicon 56.25% and noise 60.71%. The occupational risks of the 150 enterprises were mainly organic solvents, noise and dusts, among which the control effect of toluene, noise and dusts were weakest, and the qualified rate of the corking places was low. The authors concluded that the employers should strengthen the treatment and control of the above occupational risks.

Authors: Meng, Qianqian; Shi, Jian; Du, Cheng; Tong, Zhimin ;Full Source: Zhongguo Gongye Yixue Zazhi 2011, 24(4), 297-298 (Ch) ;