Suspension array for multiplex immunoassay of five common endocrine disrupter chemicals


A low cost and effective indirect competitive method is reported to detect five EDCs, 17-beta-estradiol (E2), estriol (E3), bisphenol A (BPA), diethylstilbestrol (DES), and nonylphenol (NP) simultaneously, based on suspension array technology (SAT). Five kinds of complete antigens (E2-BSA, E3-BSA, BPA-BSA, DES-BPA, NP-BSA) were coupled to different encoding microspheres using purpose-made solutions in our laboratory instead of commercially available amino coupling kits; the method was further optimized for determination and reducing the cost. Encoding and signaling fluorescence of the particles are determined at 635/532 nm emission wavelengths. High-throughput curves of five EDCs were draw and the limit of detection (LOD) were between 0.0010 ng mL-1 ~ 0.0070 ng mL-1. Compared with traditional ELISA methods, the SAT exhibited better specificity and sensitivity. Experiments using spiked milk and tap water samples were also carried out, and the recovery was between 85 and 110%; the results also confirmed good repeatability and reproducibility. It illustrated great potential of the present strategy in the detection of EDCs in actual samples.

Authors: Xue-Xia Jia, Zi-Yi Yao, Sha Liu, Zhi-Xian Gao
; Full Source: Mikrochimica acta 2021 Aug 6;188(9):290. doi: 10.1007/s00604-021-04905-y.