The effects of thirdhand smoke on reproductive health


Tobacco smoke is an environmental pollutant that can cause follicle destruction and oocyte dysfunction. Thirdhand smoke (THS) is residual tobacco smoke existing in the environment long after cigarettes have been extinguished, which can react with other environmental compounds to produce secondary pollutants. THS contains a variety of toxic and harmful chemicals, such as nicotine and 1-(N-methyl-N-nitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridinyl)-4-butanal (NNA), a logical biomarker of THS exposure. The health hazards of THS exposure and its components have been researched in recent years. In this review, we have summarized research progress on the effects of THS exposure on organs in mice and humans especially on the reproductive system. This review may help evaluate the health risks of THS, in particular reproduction and offspring health. We hope this review will guide public health education on the dangers of THS exposure and promotion of healthy living habits.

Authors: Huage Liu, Hao Chen
; Full Source: Journal of applied toxicology : JAT 2021 Aug 30. doi: 10.1002/jat.4227.