The first environmental assessment of hexa(methoxymethyl)melamine and co-occurring cyclic amines in Australian waterways


Hexa(methoxymethyl)melamine (HMMM) is commonly used as a cross-linking agent in coatings and as a vulcaniser in tyre production to increase the durability of tyres. Early reports of elevated aquatic concentrations of HMMM and a range of co-occurring cyclic amines have been linked to toxicity and mortality events of aquatic organisms. There are currently only few studies reporting environmental concentrations of HMMM and the co-occurring cyclic amines, and this study reports the first environmental assessment in Australian surface waters. Archive passive water samples from 40 rivers, creeks and lakes in South East Queensland, Australia, and covering five years of biannual sampling, were analysed to determine spatial and temporal trends. Concentrations of HMMM and cyclic amines in Australian surface waters (<5-46 and

Authors: Cassandra Rauert, Sarit L Kaserzon, Cameron Veal, Ruby Y Yeh, Jochen F Mueller, Kevin V Thomas
; Full Source: The Science of the total environment 2020 Jul 8;743:140834. doi: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2020.140834.