Trichogranuloma in a Hairdresser with Systemic Sclerosis

Trichogranuloma is a rare occupational disease of hairdressers that develops when hair clippings penetrate the skin and cause a foreign-body reaction. The authors describe a case of a hairdresser with limited cutaneous systemic sclerosis who developed a chronic felon on her right third finger and received repeated courses of antibiotics without improvement. An occupational history and awareness of occupational diseases in hairdressers led to the correct diagnosis of trichogranuloma. Systemic sclerosis and concomitant finger ulcers may have predisposed the patient to this otherwise infrequent condition in an unusual location. This case highlights the importance of occupational history and awareness of rare occupational diseases; the authors propose that treating and preventing skin disease may play a role in the prevention of trichogranuloma, thereby highlighting the need for protective measures in hairdressers.

Authors: Craveiro-Lopes B, Grant I, Adler AI. ; Full Source: Cureus. 2018 May 25;10(5): e2690. doi: 10.7759/cureus.2690.