Workers 9/11 in Pakistan; Neglected Sparks Causing Conflagration

A deadly factory fire in Karachi, Pakistan caused death of 289 workers on 9 September 2012. The havoc played by fire could have been avoided if the concerned authorities had better fire safety measures and strategy. The present study is designed to get first-hand information about this issue in which data was collected from 135 organisations from various industries of Pakistan. The results of this study are alarming as most of the organisations are not even equipped with basic fire safety equipment and are devoid of fire exit paths. Incompetence and negligence on part of government agencies and many stakeholders frequently allows fire to play havoc with the lives of workers in Pakistani organisations, confirming the famous saying “Parva saepe scintilla contempta magnum excitavit incendium” (A spark neglected has often raised a conflagration).

Authors: Mirza MZ, Bashir S. ;Full Source: International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics. 2015 Aug 28:1-15. [Epub ahead of print] ;