Application of occupational hazard risk index model in occupational health risk assessment in a decorative coating manufacturing enterprises

This study evaluated the occupational health risk of decorative coating manufacturing enterprises and to explore the applicability of occupational hazard risk index model in the health risk assessment, so as to provide basis for the health management of enterprises. A decorative coating manufacturing enterprise in Hebei Province was chosen as research object, following the types of occupational hazards and contact patterns, the occupational hazard risk index model was used to evaluate occupational health risk factors of occupational hazards in the key positions of the decorative coating manufacturing enterprise, and measured with workplace test results and occupational health examination. The positions of oily painters, water-borne painters, filling workers and packers who contacted noise were moderate harm. And positions of colour workers who contacted chromic acid salts, oily painters who contacted butyl acetate were mild harm. Other positions were harmless. The abnormal rate of contacting noise in physical examination results was 6.25%, and the abnormality was not checked by other risk factors. The occupational hazard risk index model can be used in the occupational health risk assessment of decorative coating manufacturing enterprises, and noise was the key hazard among occupational hazards in this enterprise.

Authors: He PL, Zhao CX, Dong QY, Hao SB, Xu P, Zhang J, Li JG. ; Full Source: Zhonghua Lao Dong Wei Sheng Zhi Ye Bing Za Zhi. 2018 Jan 20;36(1):18-21. doi: 10.3760/cma.j.issn.1001-9391.2018.01.005.

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