China GAC cancels Customs Clearance Form of Entry/Exit Commodities

On 29th May 2018, China GAC announced in notification NO.50, that it will remove mandatory requirements for relevant stakeholders to obtain a Customs Clearance Form of Entry/ Exit Commodities prior to international trade (import/export) activities. The change became effective on 1st June 2018. When declaring imported or exported goods (legal requirements for inspection and quarantine involved), the custom clearance code and serial number are no longer required in the customs declaration form. Enterprises can access the single window and choose to do custom declaration, quarantine inspection or simultaneously undertake the two steps. For those who want to apply for one qualification for importing goods on a single occasion or apply on behalf of a 3rd party (acting as authorized agent), it is necessary to fill out the customs declaration form using the serial number of your electronic receipt for inspection along with a code “A”. If you apply for goods export, use a “B” instead. Customs Clearance of Entry/Exit Commodities form refers to the documents issued by CIQ which certify that the goods consigner or agent has finished the quarantine inspection. China’s recent institutional reform, means that responsibilities previously designated to provincial AQSIQ departments (CIQ departments) now is controlled exclusively by China Customs. Further information is available at: GAC notification NO.50

Chemlinked, 4 June 2018 ;

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