Chinese cities phase out solvent-based coatings

Authorities in several Chinese cities have ordered industries to replace solvent-based coatings with water-based alternatives. The move follows a 2016 commitment, set out in China’s 13th five-year plan, that government-backed construction projects should not use solvent-based coatings or adhesives. Various measures are planned or in place in cities including:

  • Shanghai;
  • Tianjin;
  • Nanjing;
  • Zhongshan; and
  • Taizhou.

Shanghai has banned such coatings from construction projects, approved after 30 April. In March, Zhongshan, in Guangdong province, announced draft standards that would phase out organic solvents with high volatile organic compound (VOC) content and the use of solvents containing more than 20% VOCs from 1 October. Zhongshan already prohibits the production of paints for interior decoration with more than 200g/l of VOCs; solvent-based wood furniture coatings cannot exceed 700g/l. In Tianjin, the vehicle maintenance industry has been told it must replace the coatings by 1 October. Further information is available (in Chinese) at:

Chemical Watch, 24 May 2018 ;

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