ECHA publishes 2017 CoRAP results

On 10 April 2018, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) published the 2017 Community Rolling Action Plan (CoRAP) results, with Member States having evaluated the 22 substances listed for 2017. Following substance evaluation by Member States, further information may be requested from the registrants of these substances if additional data is considered necessary to clarify the suspected risk. Alternatively, it may be concluded that the substance does not constitute a risk based on the available knowledge at the time and no further data is needed with respect to the evaluation activity. 6 out of the 22 substances evaluated in 2017 have been concluded without a need for additional information – no further actions are expected from the registrants of those substances. For the remaining 16 substances, the evaluating Member State has proposed to ask the registrants to provide further information. Registrants will shortly have the opportunity to comment on the requests, with ECHA planning to send out the draft decisions to the relevant registrants in early June. The full CoRAP list of substances can be accessed on ECHA’s website:

Chemtrac, 11 April 2018 ;

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