European Parliament endorses revised waste framework Directive

The European Parliament has approved an amendment to the waste framework Directive that requires suppliers to notify ECHA of the presence of substances of very high concern in articles. The amendment to Article 9 of the Directive is part of the EU’s circular economy package to develop non-toxic material cycles so that recycled waste can be used as a major and reliable source of raw material, free from hazardous chemicals. The EU Commission has proposed a number of amendments to waste-related Directives. The Article 9 amendment was added after members of parliament (MEPs) voted by a large majority a year ago to adopt other proposed changes to ensure a “progressive substitution” of SVHCs. According to the amended Directive, ECHA is required to establish a database for companies to submit the data eighteen months after it enters into force. ECHA has said this will treat articles made in the EU and those that are imported “the same way”. The amended text will now go back to the EU Council for formal approval – expected by the end of July – before publication in the Official Journal of the EU. The Council and Parliament reached a provisional agreement on the amendment to Article 9 and others last December. Ahead of Parliament’s vote last week, NGO HEAL sent a letter to French President Emmanuel Macron asking him to act in favour of a European transition towards a non-toxic environment, as outlined in the 7th Environment Action Program (EAP). Mr Macron addressed the Parliament the day before the vote. Further information is available at:

Chemical Watch, 23 April 2018 ;

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