More information on biocidal products to be available in 2018

Summaries of product characteristics and non-confidential assessment reports will be available on the European Chemicals Agency’s (ECHA) website by the end of 2018. ECHA will make more information on biocidal products available on its website. There will also be more options for users to search for information, and it will be possible to compare products.

What will be published?

  • Non-confidential assessment reports by national authorities;
  • Updates to the authorisation status of products (amendments, revisions and renewals);
  • Summaries of product characteristics, containing key product information, including:
  • product trade names;
  • substances in the product and their concentrations;
  • biocidal product composition;
  • the manufacturer of the product;
  • the manufacturer of the active substance;
  • hazard and precautionary statements;
  • the organism the product is targeted at;
  • application methods;
  • type of packaging; and
  • instructions for use.

What will remain confidential?

Information that can undermine the protection of the commercial interests or the privacy of the persons concerned. This includes details of the full composition of the product and the precise tonnage of the active substance or product manufactured or made available on the market. The function of a non-active substance in a biocidal product can be considered confidential. The name of a non-active substance can also be considered confidential unless being aware of its existence is essential for the proper use of the product or the substance is of concern.

Next steps

To make sure the information will be correctly published, the Member State competent authorities for biocidal products are checking the assessment reports, summaries of product characteristics and decisions available in R4BP 3, the biocides IT tool. Before uploading an assessment report, they will contact the relevant companies directly to check what information should be kept confidential. The work is planned to be finalised by the end of November 2018. Further information is available at:

ECHA, 16 May 2018 ;

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