RAC adopts 13 proposals for harmonised classification and labelling and SEAC adopts the restriction proposal on lead in gunshot

SEAC adopted it final opinion to restrict lead and its compounds in gunshot for shooting with a shotgun within a wetland and where spent gunshot would land within a wetland. The Committees discussed and agreed on five draft opinions in RAC and seven draft opinions in SEAC, on four and six applications for authorisation respectively, on uses of chromium (VI) substances, DBP and diglyme. The Committees also agreed on four draft opinions on two review reports – these were the first review reports in the history of REACH. Each authorisation decision by the Commission for a substance on Annex XIV contains a time-limited review period. Close to its expiry, and if the substitution still cannot be done by the authorisation holder, a review report has to be submitted to ECHA. The two review reports are on uses of DEHP-containing PVC recyclate. RAC also agreed on a note on the reference dose-response relationship for the carcinogenicity of coal tar pitch, high temperature (CTPHT) and the persistent, bioaccumulative, and toxic (PBT) and very persistent, very bioaccumulative (vPvB) properties of the substance. The substance had recently been included in Annex XIV to REACH due to its carcinogenic and PBT and vPvB properties. More information on the agreed draft opinions under the authorisation process, the thirteen adopted opinions on harmonised classification and labelling, and the restriction proposal is available in the annex. Further information is available at: Annex to news release (15 June 2018)

ECHA, 15 June 2016 ; http://echa.europa.eu

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